our most sustainable fabric

Everything we make has an impact on our planet. But with our Clothes made out of Natural Cotton we’re reducing that impact to the bare minimum. Made out of undyed 100% organic cotton they combine sustainability with timeless design.

The true collour of organic cotton

Our Natural Raw clothes are completely free from dyes, which means that each garment reflects the true colour of the cotton plant itself. The fabric is textured with tiny specks of the original plant, including seed particles, adding to its beauty and authenticity.

Reflecting and Respecting Nature

The characteristics and colour of cotton plants can vary slightly depending on factors like weather and soil conditions, as well as on the timing of the cotton harvest. Our garments can reflect these subtle differences, carrying the story of the cotton they are made from.

Processes that are gentle on the planet

We adjusted our production process for Natural Raw fabrics to minimise the environmental impact. A gentler spinning process consumes less energy than traditional spinning and preserves the flecks of the original cotton plant. And with no dyes involved, we use fewer chemicals and up to 920% less water and energy.

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