About us

Sustainable fashion for adventurers since 2019

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Sustainable materials

We use sustainable and long lasting materials for all our products. Our products "Natural Cotton" are made out of uncoloured cotton which saves energy, chemicals and water.

fair play

Fair working conditions

All our products are manufactured under certified fair working circumstances. It is very important to us that nobody gets harmed because of the clothes we sell.

Nachhaltige Kleidung Umweltschutz

environment protection

Next to the sustainable and fair manufacturing process we also use part of our profit for the protection of our environment. We plant trees and buy rainforest.

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Founded to change the fashion industry

About the founder

To make everything a bit different than the others: A sustainable fashion brand for adventurers

"The idea to design clothes and value sustainability and fairness during the manufacturing process was stuck in my head for quite some time. I wanted to unite my creativity, the love for nature and the idea to make money with my own business. So creating a sustainable fashion brand seemed the right thing to do. After a few dificulties at the beginning and many optimizations Rubeo bacame what it is today. A sustainable fashion brand for adventurers all over the world.

Strive for 

"You can't solve problems with the same way of thinking which they have been created."

Albert Einstein


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