Sustainable fashion for a greener future

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Rubeo was founded as a brand to make everything a little bit better than the others. We want to have a good impact und break up with fashion that destroys the planet and the humans living on it. A part of our profit of every product goes to a project of your choice.

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Planting Trees

Project Ghana

With this project you support the reforestation in Ghana. We're growing a huge forest and plantage that brings food and work for the local communities and habitate for the animals. Furthermore part of the donations go to a school of young entrepreneurs so they can build a better future for themselves and their family.

Since our establishment in 2019 we work hand in hand with Click A Tree to plant trees for our products. Click A Tree doesn't just plant the sapling but ensures it will grow into a big life enhancing tree. That's how work for local communities is created, soil is protected and carbon is absorbed. 

sapling 1
Trees planted

Why do we plant trees?

  • Forest is living space for many species
  • Planting trees ensures work
  • Forests absorb carbon and produce oxygen
  • Trees protect the soil from erosion

We protect primeval forests

Project Peru

In 2023 we decided to give you the oppourtunity to choose which project to support. Together with our partner Wilderness International you can buy and protect forever 1m² of an existing forest. By choosing Project Peru you will help to preserve one of the most biodiverese habitats on the whole planet, the Amazon Rainforest.

m²of rainforest protected

Why rainforest in peru?

  • Peruvian rainforest has a very high biodiversity. The old trees are home to a high number of species.
  • It is possible to legally secure buy land in peru
  • Rainforest absorbs carbon and produces oxygen
  • Peru has the 4th largest area with rainforest on it in the whole world
  • The Amazon rainforest in peru is endangered

We manufacture
          sustainable and fair

Our used cotton is 100% ecological. If we use polyester it's recycled. Every product is made with highest quality materials to ensure durability. We only work with factories where we are 100% sure the working conditions are fair.

Organic Cotton
We use organic Cotton from small indian farms.
Sustainable Fabric Production
The fabric is made with as little chemicals as possible and the water that comes out of the factories is strictly inspected.
Environment friendly Production
Renewable energy is used to turn the fabrics in textiles.
Final Production and Packaging
Labels get sewed in and the Clothes get shipped in a climate neutral way.

We ship
                    climate neutral

Our products are shipped in sustainable paper and we don't use plastic. The Orders are handled by DHL GoGreen und is cabon neutral.